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While considering the the terrible connotations of the word “LORD” and its constant use in referring to the Great Mystery in the last post, I am brought to the  use of the name ‘Jesus’. I’ve often thought that perhaps had his real name, Yeshua, been used, would the criminalizing of the Hebrew population have been less over the centuries? The fact that the Latin word was employed seems to have divorced the man named Yeshua from his Hebrew origin aiding the church in its vilification of  the Jews. Using Yeshua in speaking of Maryam  and Josef’s child might  perhaps do wonders for any discussion in which it is used.


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  1. Randy,
    I love the Merton prayer and especially in your “translation”. And I’m with you about Yeshua. The farther I go ,the more it seems clear to me that the only religion for me is one that does not divide people, does not exclude any being in any way. Thanks for this. RM

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