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The major reason for this site is the two part tale of a Merton experience which began in 1955 when I entered the Abbey of Gethsemani and soon found myself being friended by this extraordinary man then known as Fr. Louis, the novice master. The first few sections are later additions to the main tale. To get to the actual entry, page down to “A Novice and His Master”.


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  1. Hello. I discovered your blog by searching for information about the Gethsemani Abbey. While researching my family tree I discovered a cousin who had been there. He passed in 1978 and his name was Brother Zachary. His birth name was Curtis Glen Amps from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I think he was also a musician. Perhaps you knew him. I am enjoying reading your entries with your thoughts, recollections and comments. Best wishes,

  2. Hello Randy / Sebastian, I too hope that you are still with us. I think we have corresponded in the past. This time I have an odd question. I grew up in Bardstown, my father was a local dairy farmer and often joined the monks for early morning Lauds. In about 1956 or 1957, on Xmas Eve, my father brought home to me (I was 6 or 7 years old) a creche / music box that was hand made by one of the monks. It is a very simple wooden barn with angels on the door and one angel and an infant inside. The music is “Oh Come All Ye Faithful – Adeste Fidelis. Anyway, as I get older, I realize that this creche / music box is probably my most treasured thing. I was wondering if you remember any monk who might have made this for my father? I suppose I could also ask Patrick Hart, but most of the monks who were there at that time (1956 or 1957) have probably died. Anyway — best to you and your family. I live in West Palm Beach now. I also did the louie blog ( )

  3. Sebastian: Hope you are still among us. Stumbled on your site accidentally & for the first time this week (June 2016) while surfing Merton material & then ex-novice stuff. Will try to establish more direct contact. Read your “autobiographical” entries with great interest. Still recall vividly my visits to your Brooklyn parents’ house in the early ’60s. Patrick Hart told me long ago you had joined the O.P. & I assumed you remained there. Hope to converse soon.

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