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Bishop Spong andThe Fall of Religion   Leave a comment

For many long years I have been at odds with just about all the Christian churches considering their never ending support of obviously insupportable nonsense. Until I started reading some of the works of this brilliant Episcopal Bishop did the whole matter become not only provable but wonderfully and clearly presented.

He starts with the Bible and  goes through the history of religious malfunction to the present day when one pope admitted the church was wrong about the fact that the earth does circle the sun and not the reverse. His history covers Hebraic and Christian religion from the bible and the often horrid God it portrays to the present day with the intent to prove that if religion does not admit its misconceptions and out and out lies, it will die completely in the not so distant future.

The three books that I read which made the case clear and concise  are:

           Why Christianity Must Change or Die

            A New Christianity For a New World

             Eternal Life: a New Vision

This extraordinary man is presently recovering from a physical setback but seems to be returning to good health and we who have come to love him dearly wish him further long life.

If you are in anyway questioning your beliefs give these books a chance.









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