Roland Merullo, ‘Breakfast —‘ Author

Initially I mentioned that the reason for this site was Thomas Merton and my interactions with him back in the ’50s. I had just finished a remarkable book BREAKFAST WITH BUDDHA by Roland Merullo and had written to him to tell him how very much I enjoyed it and did so since he indicated that he was a close follower of Merton. He thought it would be useful for me to write something about Uncle Louie and this site was my answer.

In the interim Mr. Merullo has written many fine novels and other works. His entire oeuvre is remarkable. If you find Merton an integral part of your life, read these books since Merullo’s world view is much the same as Merton’s and anyone else’s who finds hope in the midst of insanity. His site is at:


Posted May 22, 2015 by 72randy

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